Apple & Wren is an interior design and residential interior design studio and remodel contractor located in Cypress, TX.  Below you will find a few samples of our work.  Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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Let us show you why we are your best choice as an interior designer in Houston! Apple & Wren offers a vast range of interior design, color selection, and home renovation  services throughout the greater Houston area.


Here are answers to questions we frequently get asked…

At Apple & Wren we not only want to create a beautiful space for you to live in but also a functional space that adheres to how your family lives day to day. We are there to help bring in a cohesive design while also making sure to stick to a budget and timeframe. Our mission at Apple & Wren is to make the process seamless, stress-free and fun from start to finish.

Full service interior design is a turn key service that allows our clients to let us do all the heavy lifting. From the time we start the initial design concept to placing the last accessory in the home, Apple & Wren is there to take care of every last detail.

We structure our process and fees into three different phases throughout the project.  To get a more comprehensive quote, please contact us today!

We always love collaborating with our clients on all of our designs, after all this is YOUR home. We first start by giving you design homework and setting our Discovery meeting where we gather all the information we need to design your home. From there our team gets to work on designing your home with intention and with YOU in mind. We pull samples, make floor plans, mood boards and give you all the tools you need to envision your brand new house. We might make a few revisions and then once the design has been approved we move into phase two of implementation

To keep from design burnout and making sure we are able to give our full attention to our current clients we do not take more than 10 clients at a time.

So many variables come into play when figuring out a time frame for a project. In the beginning  as we figure out the detailed scope for the overall project, we help put together a timeframe and adjust as needed. Typical renovation/new construction projects can take anywhere from 2-18 months and furnishing projects typically take 4-12 months depending on scope.